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Cydney Kutcipal


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About Cydney 

Cydney Kutcipal is currently training for their Bachelor of Fine Arts at Shenandoah Conservatory while also touring with the first national tour of Jagged Little Pill. This is their first professional show they has ever been a part of and they are navigating college and tour life and is hoping to graduate with their bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre May 2023. Cydney grew up in the competition dance scene until high school where they decided to pursue musical theatre instead. Cyd has recently discovered a passion for comedy and improv - something they have always loved watching but never thought they would do, and was a part of Shenandoah Conservatory's student run, national champion, improv troupe, The LOAF as Pizza Crust.

Cyd is also very passionate about LGBTQ+ representation in today's media and art. They hope to be a small part of introducing more trans characters to audiences from the stage, to TV and film.

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